IPTABLES quick command list

manage chain:
# iptables -N new_chain // create a chain
# iptables -E new_chain old_chain // edit a chain
# iptables -X old_chain // delete a chain

redirecting packet to a user chain:
# iptables -A INPUT -p icmp -j new_chain

listing rules:
# iptables -L // list all rules of all tables
# iptables -L -v // display rules and their counters
# iptables -L -t nat // display rules for a specific tables
# iptables -L -n --line-numbers // listing rules with line number for all tables
# iptables -L INPUT -n --line-numbers // listing rules with line number for specific table

manage rules:
# iptables -A chain // append rules to the bottom of the chain
# iptables -I chain [rulenum] // insert in chain as rulenum (default at the top or 1)
# iptables -R chain rulenum // replace rules with rules specified for the rulnum
# iptables -D chain rulenum // delete rules matching rulenum (default 1)
# iptables -D chain // delete matching rules

change default policy:
# iptables -P chain target // change policy on chain to target
# iptables -P INPUT DROP // change INPUT table policy to DROP
# iptables -P OUTPUT DROP // change OUTPUT chain policy to DROP
# iptables -P FORWARD DROP // change FORWARD chain policy to DROP

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