Samsung ML 1640 counter reset

Samsung ML 1640 counter reset

One solution to reset the counter is to make a downgrade first and then make a connection between pin 1 and 4. Use an switch, for the connection.Samsung ML1640


Downgrade firmware download   

Firmware fix v.83 link

Firmware fix v.93 link

Firmware fix v.96 link

Firmware RAW


Samsung Firmware TOOLS



Indicated not to install everything on the samsung cd, only the drivers and block driver or samsung program from firewall to accces internet as they do not automatically upgrade the firmware. If you encounter problems, the printer does not respond, you can try to hold the online button and then power the printer. Should get online and printer light will blink and will be detected by PC, then you can try to downgrade again.

- refill the original cartridge came with the printer,if u have another cartridge if you remove fuse.

- make that connection, with the printer unplugged

- put in the printer cartridge refill

- start printer for 10 sec

- remove the printer from the outlet and and remove the conector

- power up the printer, and all is ok.

- uninstall the driver and reinstall it.