OKI C3300 Toner and Drum Counter Reset


OKI C3300 Toner and Drum Counter Reset

        This is a work in progress page which aims to solve the problem of the crappy toner sensors on the OKI C3300.

When changing ink catridges you are often are told there is no ink when in fact there is a new cartridge just installed, which makes me cross.

Firstly you ought to check the little windows in the side of the toner DRUM, with an annoying little slide down.




          The right and picture shows the how the little "door" can slide down and block the sensor, why this is even there I do not know, again very annoying design of the C3300.
           Once you have checked this, the C3300 may start working. . . or not. You may wish to get ugly.
          Down load the below program it is the OKI Maintenance Utility 1.33 or there abouts and lets you alter some settings on the C3300 as well as some other printers.

 OKI Maintennace Utility

           Install it and connect to the printer, if you are using a USB connection, then select "local port" and "discover". If you are using a C3300n over network then use network, to find the IP adress of you printer click the below link.

Find Ip Address of the printer

     When the utility connects you will be presented with the below screen nativgate to to various bits of the printer.

Scroll down to where is says "diagnostics" and seclect "engine" and then wait for it to retrive current setting from the printer.

Disbale, all of the "sensor" and "ID" options and then click the execute button.
Switch off the printer and turn back on again, it should now ingnore sensor errors ect, and you should be able to carry on printing.

Windows 95 Is Compatibil with OKI Maintennace Utility.


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