Samsung ML 2571 Reset Solution

Samsung ML 2571 Reset Solution

The resetting method of the 2571 is the same as descibed in the 2510 forum. The problem was with my new toner that the fuse which was installed on it, was a 630mA type, which is too large for our printer. I changed it to a 200mA type, and the resetting was done!

Reset the printer as follows:
1. Switch off the printer (important, because if the printer is on, and you change the toner, the resetting function will not done!)
2. Remove old toner
3. Check if the fuse on the new toner is about a 200mA type or not. If its higher, change it to a normal 200mA type (i think between 100-300mA should be ok). It's not a special fuse, just a simple normal fuse used in the electronic.
4. Place the new toner with the right fuse on it to the printer.
5. Switch the printer on

Now the fuse should blow, which gives a signal to the printer to reset toner data. Now if you print the printer configuration page you'll see that the cartridge information table is resetted.

If you fill yourself your toner, than after refilling it you should change this fuse to a new one before you place back your refilled toner to the printer. Otherwise the printer will be not resetted.